Carleton Place Granite

Living in Carleton Place? Searching for granite? TNT can help

Take a drive down the newly opened highway, Carleton Place, granite slabs want to live in your home!

 Granite is in abundance in the East End of the city, but TNT brings the East to the West, showcasing full slabs of granite, on site and ready for your viewing pleasure.

 TNT Tile and Marble is located 2 minutes from the Carp Road Exit off the 417 and is just 30 minutes down Highway 7. Or take a scenic country drive through the back roads and find us just past Richardson Side Road.

Granite selection in Carleton Place is smaller than in Ottawa but at TNT we make finding the perfect slab easy. This type of selection has never been so close Carleton Place, come take a look at the granite we have to offer.

 Our showroom features full sized slabs, granite samples, marble samples and tile options. We would love to have you visit our showroom so we can show you just what we have to offer.

Please see Products & Services for more information.

 When it comes to newly built homes and renovations, contractors and real estate agents in Carleton Place know that granite will make a lovely feature in any home.

 TNT offers the full service experience. Employees of TNT, handle your countertops from start to finish. Templates, Cutting, Edging and Installation are all handled by TNT employees.

With Design staff on site, TNT can offer help with choosing colours to match existing or new features in the room and make sure you pick the best option for your home.

Granite can be viewed in full slabs and held until you’re ready to complete the job.

 Let TNT help you with you choose the best option for your new home or current renovation. Our guarantee is service and selection, you’ll find both in abundance when you visit TNT Tile and Marble.