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Ottawa Backsplash Tiles Just Got Super Fun!

Just like your lovely garden that is finally blooming, our tile rep arrived with new tiles in a multitude of colours.  We’ve spent too many years in grey and taupe rooms.  It’s time to open up our homes to COLOUR.  There’s bright orange, sunny yellow, cobalt blue, lime green and violet.  These tiles are for everyone who looked around their homes and realized that fear of colour has left them surrounded by grey.  Our homes are not black and white movies!  It’s time to Pleasantville our interiors and add in some colour!

Ok, ok, for the homeowners who are too paralyzed with bright colour-fear, we did receive some classically sized 6×12 and 4×12 subway tiles in shades of white, grey and black.  I may have to point out that a little bit of detail can really make turn a classic (read: old-fashioned) décor into an awesome, contemporary space.  Behold, the penny round mosaic tiles!  These button-y friends are beyond cute and made to match your kitchen hardware.  They will put a smile on your face and if you’re nice to them, they will wink at you when you walk by.  Just like we will when you come to visit our showroom.  Happy Spring!





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