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Ottawa Kitchen Counter Choices: Granite or Quartz?

When looking for the right kitchen counter top for your Ottawa kitchen, there are a ton of options – including the huge selection to be found at TNT in our … Read more

Picking Tile for Your Ottawa Shower

There’s lots of factors to consider when choosing the perfect tile for your Ottawa bathroom and shower.  And of course, your shower structure itself will dictate the tile you should … Read more

Choosing Your Ottawa Kitchen Sink

One often overlooked (but important) component of remodeling a kitchen is the kitchen sink.  TNT has a wide variety of sinks to choose from in our showrooms serving Ottawa, West … Read more

Tips On Selecting Your Granite Slab

There’s lots of choices in the TNT showroom when selecting a granite slab for your kitchen counter top… but how do you know which is the right one for you … Read more