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How Granite Countertops in Ottawa Can Increase Your Property’s Resale Value

Some neighborhoods in Ottawa are arguably the best in the country. For example, the Hunt Club Woods-Quinterra-Revelstoke area is known for its proximity to the Rideau River, low crime rate, … Read more

Essential Facts About Quartz Countertops for Ottawa Homes

Many households in Canada face the dilemma of choosing between quartz or natural granite when it comes to kitchen countertops. Such a dilemma is understandable given that both materials are … Read more

A Selection of the Best Materials for Countertops in Ottawa

Owing to the sheer amount of activity that takes place in a typical kitchen, this areasection will eventually need some renovation at some point. When contemplating a kitchen remodeling project, … Read more

Closed May 20th for Victoria Day

Dear Customers, Please note that our showroom will be closed Monday May 20th for Victoria Day! We will be open on Saturday and Tuesday for our regular hours. Enjoy your … Read more

A Testament to the Hardness and Strength of Ottawa Granite Countertops

According to the Natural Stone Council, granite exists as deep as 31 miles into the Earth. As an igneous rock, it becomes molten magma when exposed to a cooler milieu … Read more

Congratulations Yves Gagne!

Congratulations to Yves Gagne, our April 2013 winner of a gift certificate to RARE Restaurant in Kanata. Hope you enjoy your night out on us. Everyone be sure to come … Read more