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Preventing Stains on Your Ottawa Granite Sink

Extremely durable, granite sinks are a popular companion to granite countertops. These granite sinks are will last for years and look great.  one challenge is that granite is porous and … Read more

Keeping Your Granite Countertops Looking New

Obviously sealing your Ottawa granite countertops is the most basic, and imperative step to caring for your granite countertops. Other tips to take to keep your Ottawa granite countertops looking … Read more

Removing Stains From Your Ottawa Granite Countertops

As the most durable natural stone, granite requires less care than other polished stone. Basic sealing and cleaning should prevent staining of your granite countertop.  On occasion, should you put … Read more

Caring For Your Ottawa Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are quite popular these days, and caring for them requires specific (but easy) steps. While Ottawa marble countertops are quite stunning, they are also soft and porous so … Read more