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Removing Stains From Your Ottawa Granite Countertops

As the most durable natural stone, granite requires less care than other polished stone. Basic sealing and cleaning should prevent staining of your granite countertop.  On occasion, should you put off sealing or miss a spot, your stain resistant granite countertops need stain removal.  For example, should you leave oil on the surface of your granite countertops, over time it will soak in and penetrate through the sealant.

Removing Stains From Granite Countertops
To remove stains from granite, you need to literally pull the stain out of the granite with material and cleaner that will absorb the stain. Stop by TNT and we will show you how to do this bu you will blot the substance/stain with a paper towel or clean rag. Make sure you blot and not wipe… wiping merely spreads the stain. Use only cold water and a neutral cleaner.

If the stain on your granite countertop is still not coming out, add a granite poultice stain remover to the wet surface. Apply the paste to the stained area, overlapping the stain by about ¼ inch. Do not make the application too thick or it will take a long time to dry. Cover the paste with plastic wrap and tape down with a low-contact tape.Remove the plastic cover once the solution is dry and remove the paste by scraping and then rinsing the area. If the stain still remains but has diminished, re-poultice until it is gone.

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