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Ottawa Granite – Unrivaled By Other Materials

The typical family spends 3,000 hours or more in their kitchens every year? No wonder Ottawa granite countertops are so valued.  Ottawa granite enhance the quality of time spent with … Read more

Why Ottawa Granite?

It is no coincidence that Ottawa granite is the most popular stone for kitchen countertops. There are countless advantages of Ottawa granite – here are just a few. There is … Read more

Quality Ottawa Granite: The Installation

Whether you go with Ottawa granite, quartz, or marble – a beautiful piece of Ottawa granite can turn what should be a beautiful kitchen, bath or barbeque into a mediocre … Read more

Discerning Quality Ottawa Granite

Once you’ve decided that you want Ottawa granite countertops as part of your kitchen or bathroom makeover, you will need to be able to discern between quality and mediocre Ottawa … Read more