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Why Ottawa Granite?

It is no coincidence that Ottawa granite is the most popular stone for kitchen countertops. There are countless advantages of Ottawa granite – here are just a few.

There is no more unique earth material than Ottawa granite. Found all over the world, your Ottawa granite countertops can easily match your style as a wide diversity of Ottawa granite is available at TNT, from very light to very dark, along with changes in veining and pattern. Your Ottawa granite kitchen countertops will be distinctly yours – like no other kitchen in the world.

To fathom how strong Ottawa granite countertops are, look to the source of Ottawa granite and how it is created. Granite is an igneous rock formed from magma, which in itself demonstrates its durability. Ottawa granite countertops will not burn and are very difficult to scratch. Ottawa granite is also sanitary and easy to clean. While Ottawa granite is not completely indestructible, it can usually be repaired if damaged. In short, nothing is more durable for countertops than Ottawa granite.

Ottawa granite countertops also add that “wow” factor and add tremendous value to your home. You may be surprised just how affordable Ottawa granite is.

Stop by our showroom for a wide variety of Ottawa granite. Our showrooms serve Ottawa, West Ottawa, Carp, Kanata, Stittsville, West Carleton, Dunrobin, and Arnprior.

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