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Essential Facts About Quartz Countertops for Ottawa Homes

Many households in Canada face the dilemma of choosing between quartz or natural granite when it comes to kitchen countertops. Such a dilemma is understandable given that both materials are durable and versatile, with the only practical differences being that the former is enhanced with artificial substances, while the latter is quarriedmined from the earth. and is often more expensive. Here are some reasons why a lot of households prefer quartz countertops and tiles for their bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces.


Bacteria thrive in warm and wet environments, particularly on the porous surfaces of bathrooms and kitchens. Quartz, the second most abundant mineral on the planet, is virtually non-porous once fabricated into slabs and absorbs less moisture, and thereby inhibittings bacterial growth. Trusted manufacturers of quartz countertops in Ottawa also offer mold and mildew-resistant bathroom countertopstiles that are easy to clean and stain-free.


Most household objects made of quartz are actually mixtures of quartz and durable resin. For this reason, quartz countertops can be manufactured in a wide variety of designs and finishes. With the proper tools and manufacturing techniques, quartz countertops can be customized to meet every client’s aesthetic preferences.

No two slabs of granite are alike, which is why sample granite slabs often appear totally different from the products they represent. In contrast, a catalog of different kinds of quartz can usually offer a real preview of what the actual countertop will look and feel like. So unlike granite, quartz countertops often have more consistent colors and surface features.


Quality quartz countertops from Ottawa are certainly popular, yet this material is, interestingly, not limited for use in the kitchen or bathroom. Thanks to innovative manufacturing techniques like carbon lite construction, quartz can now be fashioned into durable outdoor tiles that are installed in porches and pathways. Tempered quartz tiles are heat-resistant and can therefore be used as flooring material for fireplaces.

On top of all that, quartz is a low-maintenance material that is easy to replace. With proper installation, quartz countertops can last for many years. Count on trusted manufacturers like TNT Tile and Marble for your countertop installation and replacement needs.

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