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Customer of the Week – 3


The Jackson’s* came to TNT Tile and Marble, Ottawa Granite Specialists, on the week of April 20th, 2015. The customers had just begun searching for ideas for their Ottawa kitchen renovation and were in search of Ottawa granite countertops for their new design. Since The Jackson’s had only just begun thinking about their renovation, they were a blank slate in terms of what existing design they were working around. They did have some ideas on how they wanted their new kitchen to look but they had a reason for choosing to start with the granite countertops.


After taking a few moments to peruse our Ottawa granite showroom, The Jackson’s came to speak with one of our specialists. They told us that their journey into renovation had just begun but one thing that they were certain about was that there would be a very large island countertop in their new kitchen. This is why they decided they would like to start with the granite countertops. Their Ottawa granite countertops would be the focal point of their kitchen and it only made sense to make all their choices based on that colour decision. Our specialist made sure the Jackson’s were well informed of how our process works and then took them to view all the slabs. The Jackson’s found granite slabs in Sienna Bourdeau, Labradorite White and Balthus that they believed would work for achieving the centerpiece of their new kitchen. They decided to take samples of each piece home with them. Our Ottawa granite specialists also suggested visiting one of the suppliers we work closely with to see if there were any slabs at their location that they preferred.


Our Ottawa granite specialists had a piece of advice for the Jackson’s before they continued on their journey. They were informed that if they could get a rough layout of what they thought the dimensions of the kitchen would be, they should put a deposit on the job to secure the slabs they needed. There would be nothing more disappointing than choosing and designing a room around your new Ottawa granite countertops, only to return to the shop where you picked them to find out that the material was all sold. The Jackson’s continued on their journey but contacted our showroom later to let us know the colour they picked and that a design and deposit would be on it’s way.


Assisting customers in design is the highlight of our Ottawa Granite specialist’s day and they are always eager to help their customers find the right piece for the right project. Come visit our showroom, you might be the lucky Customer of the Week.


*Names of customers changed to protect identity. If you believe you are the customer of the week, please let the staff know and if you can identify the week and alias you were featured and you are correct, you will receive 10% off your next purchase with TNT. Please mention your discount at time of purchase.

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