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Customer of the Week – 4


The Hendersons* came in to TNT Tile and Marble, Ottawa Granite Specialists, the week of April 27th, 2015. The Hendersons were hoping to spruce up their basement living room with a new granite fireplace surround. They were unsure of what they wanted their Ottawa granite fireplace to look like but hoped that our specialists could help point them in the right direction. To assist our Ottawa granite specialists in choosing the right option for them, they brought with them pictures of their newly purchased furniture as well as paint samples that they liked and hoped might match a granite colour.

When the Hendersons arrived at the showroom for TNT Tile and Marble, they immediately saw and fell in love with a slab of Crema Bourdeau granite. They then entered the showroom and spoke with our Ottawa granite specialist about their project and mentioned that they had fallen for a slab in the yard. After viewing the furniture and having the room described by the Hendersons, our specialist agreed that the piece would be a lovely accent for their updated room. Our specialist took the Hendersons out to view the slab again to assist in helping with a paint choice and also to go over options for how the material could be cut and how that would affect the pricing. Since our specialists had the measurements for the fireplace, our specialists gave the Hendersons two options for how the piece could be cut and installed. The first option was to do four separate pieces that would fit together around the fireplace and would minimize the waste incurred when cutting the slab and would make the fireplace surround less expensive. The second option was to cut the Ottawa granite fireplace out of a full piece and remove the center so that the piece would fit around the fireplace. This would keep all the pattern of the piece in tack but would increase the waste and therefore the price.

Due to the nature of the patterning on the Crema Bourdeau, the Hendersons decided to go with the full piece and keep the patterning as it was. The Hendersons took a sample of the material to verify what it looked like in their lighting but they also left a deposit to assure that the material would no be held for them. We received a phone call from the Hendersons later that day to inform us that the piece looked lovely and booked a time for us to do our measurement. They also informed us that they loved the slab so much that they wanted to also use it on their Ottawa granite bartop as well!

Assisting customers in design is the highlight of our Ottawa Granite specialist’s day and they are always eager to help their customers find the right piece for the right project. Come visit our showroom, you might be the lucky Customer of the Week.


*Names of customers changed to protect identity. If you believe you are the customer of the week, please let the staff know and if you can identify the week and alias you were featured and you are correct, you will receive 10% off your next purchase with TNT. Please mention your discount at time of purchase.

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