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Debunking Ottawa Granite Myths

Your best source for Ottawa granite is TNT as we have the best selection in the area with our showrooms serving Ottawa, West Ottawa, Carp, Kanata, Stittsville, West Carleton, Dunrobin, and Arnprior.

When you are in the market for Ottawa granite, it is important that you know fact from fiction. There are a lot of misconceptions about Ottawa granite, we address a few today…

Maintenance Needed for Your Ottawa Granite
Sure, you need toregularly seal your Ottawa granite countertops (once a year), but that’s pretty much it. Ottawa granite countertops ARE low maintenance. Daily care of your Ottawa granite involves little more than hot water, dish soap, and a clean cloth.

Ottawa Granite Stain Resistance
Don’t believe it if you hear that Ottawa granite stains easily. Not true. While some slabs and colors of Ottawa granite are more porous and thus susceptible to staining than others, Ottawa granite does NOT stain easily. Sealing your Ottawa granite will prevent staining – as simple as that.

Ottawa Granite Does Not Trap and Hold Bacteria
Again… yes granite can be SLIGHTLY porous – these countertops do not harbor bacteria. ¬†The smooth surface is also easy to clean for daily Ottawa granite care.

Ottawa Granite Is Cost Prohibitive
How do you quantify cost? ¬†Short term, Ottawa granite is less expensive than quartz… and long term Ottawa granite is a bargain as it lasts a long time and drives up the value of your home.

Ottawa Granite Does NOT Scratch Easily
Ottawa granite is one of the most durable, hardest materials for countertops. If you cut directly on Ottawa granite, they will not scratch.

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