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Granite Countertops in Ottawa Homes: Things to Avoid to Keep Your Granite Polished

granite countertops in Ottawa

granite countertops in Ottawa

Homeowners who aspire to invest in a luxurious kitchen remodeling project will definitely consider installing lovely granite countertops in Ottawa. With its fine grain, shiny finish, and impressive durability, granite is commonly more expensive compared with other types of countertops, but definitely worth every dollar you spend on it. In fact, as long as you avoid the following bad kitchen habits, your granite countertop will keep its fresh and flawless look for many years to come.

Using Generic Cleaning Products

Harsh cleaning solutions, such as bleach, ammonia, or glass cleaners, are not meant for granite’s smooth countertop surface. The chemicals they contain may permanently stain, damage, and dull out the stone. Opt for specially formulated granite cleaning products that are not acidic and are pH balanced. You may also use mild detergents and warm water for routine cleanups.

Forgetting to Use Cutting Boards, Trivets, and Coasters

Knives, pots, mixing bowls, and other kitchen items can act as an abrasive on a granite surface. Use protective barriers, such as cutting boards, placemats, and even kitchen towels to protect your countertop. Placing a trivet under a hot kettle of tea takes far less than having to call and pay for professional repairs.

Applying Too Much Heat or Weight On its Surface

Major sellers of Ottawa granite countertops, such as TNT Tile & Marble Inc., may highlight the toughness of their products, but it doesn’t mean you can do anything with them. Don’t sit or stand on the counters and place heavy objects on its surface as too much weight on a particular spot can lead to cracks or chipping. The same goes for too much heat, so hot pans should not sit too long or be placed directly on granite counters.

Allowing Spills to Linger

When it comes to preventive maintenance, cleaning up spills over granite countertops belongs to the top must-dos. Letting spills linger on the surface will give the substance time to seep into the granite, which may result in a permanent eyesore. As soon as a glass of juice tips over, quickly grab a soft rag or paper towel sheets to clean up the mess.

Granite counters will repay your diligence and care with long-lasting charm and functionality in your kitchen. Granite countertops cast a cozy and luxurious atmosphere to the room, making it the perfect place to prepare or enjoy your meals with your loved ones and guests.

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  1. Bethel Smith says:

    We would love to get some new countertops for our home. I really appreciate all of the cleaning tips that you suggested for us. Once we do get our granite countertops I will be certain to remember to use cutting boards and placemats instead of cutting directly on the granite.

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