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So How Much Will Granite Countertops Increase the Value of My Ottawa Home?

Whether you are building, remodeling, or in the market for a home – you know that granite kitchen countertops
add a “wow” factor to your home… but how do you quantify that in terms of value?  How much do kitchen granite countertops raise the value of your Ottawa home?

Estimates are that adding granite kitchen countertops to your Ottawa kitchen will add approximately 25% of the retail value of the granite to the price of the home. Plus there are always those prospective buyers who will only look at homes with granite countertops in the kitchen and even bathrooms.

But any old granite won’t do – make sure you choose granite complimentary to your home as well as high quality materials. TNT can help you choose something that will look great in the home and the décor that you have. We have plenty of different options that you can choose so that you have just the look that you want for your kitchen or bathroom.

Of course a full kitchen or bathroom remodel is going to give you home even more value – but start with countertops.

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