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Its That Time of Year Carp Fair is finally here!

Growing up this was always my favourite time of the year. So many changes happen in September. The month begins with nervous anticipation of the first day of school. Finding out what your teacher is like, who will join you and your friends in your class this year. Didn’t a year used to feel like such a long time as a kid? For me personally, September is the month I’m born, so I always looked forward to celebrating with friends and family. September is the end of summer, when the leaves start to change and the weather reminds us of the winter ahead. All those great things but what I remember most as a kid was getting excited for the Carp Fair.


Growing up within the community of West Carleton, I don’t know any kids who weren’t excited for the rides, the games, the food, the chance to goof off with their friends.


As an adult, I look forward to seeing what farmers are showing off as their best of the best. Looking at the harvest and knowing that a lot of people worked very hard on their farms this year to feed us all and will continue to work hard, day in and day out. I enjoy seeing friends who I may only see once a year when I run into them at the fair. I love meeting their kids, and seeing the excitement on all of their faces as they see a Clydesdale for the first time circling the ring. It’s always impressive visiting the vendors and seeing all the other great businesses in and around the area.


Carp Fair really is the best little fair. I’m sure every community boosts of their fair and the fun times and memories they have. For me, there is no fair like the Carp Fair.


I’m sure your wondering why a post coming from TNT Tile & Marble, Ottawa granite provider, is talking about the fair but one word really sums that up. Community. I personally grew up in the community and so have many other employees at TNT, including the owner. He built his business here because he lives in the area and wanted to work in the area he knew and for people he knew. Knowing that when he drives by a house, he helped the people there make that house a home. Make it something to be proud of and to show off to their friends.


Our community is great and something to be proud of. The fair reminds me of that every year.


This is the first of hopefully many Facebook posts that TNT Tile & Marble will be publishing. Couldn’t think of any better topic to discuss than the best little fair and what it means me and for our town. Future posts will discuss topics such as décor trends, design tips, future or current sales, new products and community events.


Hope you enjoyed reading my memories; feel free to post some of your own in the comments.


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