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Ottawa Granite’s TNT has Hardwood Flooring Solution

Do you love hardwood? I live in the country so most people I know love hardwood. Hardwood isn’t really great in all areas of your Ottawa home though. Hopefully you would never have an issue in your home however in my busy household my hardwood hasn’t held up very well in the busier and more wet areas.

Hardwood can stand up well in kitchens and laundry rooms, however tile is a much smarter choice. Ottawa Granite specialists recommend a more durable and less porous option for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and entryways.

ABK Soleras  Granite Ottawa TNT Tile and Marble

ABK Soleras
Granite Ottawa TNT Tile and Marble

Well for those of you who love hardwood there is a better option. Many tile manufacturers are producing tile series in a hardwood look. Ottawa Granite’s TNT Tile and Marble carries a few different tile series. These tiles are produced in an array of colours, generally neutral tones the same you would find in any hardwood colour. The benefit of neutral tones in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms is that you can easily pair them with cabinet tones and Ottawa granite countertops.

Most of the tile lines are designed to allow for a minimal 1/8” grout line and when the grout is paired to match the tile colour it gives a look like a hardwood floor. Many tiles series are designed with similar variety that you would find in hardwood floors. Knots and grain variety in the flooring gives a more natural feel to the flooring.

Vallelunga de Bois

Vallelunga Bois de Rose

Granite Ottawa homes deserve floors that stand up to the families inside.  With tile floors in your Ottawa granite home you can be certain that clean up is a breeze. I write this while looking at the chunk missing from my own hardwood floors in my granite Ottawa home from the day I personally dropped the laptop. Happy it was the floor and not the laptop, however the spot mocks me daily. Designed like a high-end laminate, the flooring mimics a hardwood but will withstand higher traffic areas.

Ottawa granite homes deserve beautiful floors to go with their beautiful granite Ottawa countertops and those floors should stand up and last just as long.


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