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Ottawa Grantite Countertops: What’s In a Color?

Often when someone comes in for Ottawa granite kitchen countertops, they have a pretty basic idea of the color they want for their kitchen countertops – but mostly when visitors come to showroom serving Ottawa, West Ottawa, Carp, Kanata, Stittsville, West Carleton, Dunrobin, and Arnprior – they have no idea what color would be best for their kitchen.

The colors of granite countertops are vast and our showroom is sure to have the perfect slab for your Ottawa kitchen countertops.  With so many tones to choose from, what makes a specific color right for you?  It is one thing if you already have the look for your Ottawa kitchen established, but if this is step one of your kitchen, you have more options for your Ottawa granite countertops.

What are the differences in Ottawa granite countertops colors – and what do they bring into your house? Some colors of Ottawa granite countertops will brighten up your space. This makes it seem larger. If you have a small kitchen, this might be perfect – if your Ottawa kitchen is cavernous, lighter colors may not be the way to go.

Dark Tones
Like we mentioned, if you have a large Ottawa kitchen, darker toned granite may be your best choice. Darker colors tend to make a large kitchen actually feel more warm and inviting while the opposite is true for smaller kitchens. Darket colors of granite for your Ottawa kitchen countertops include brown, black, green and others.

Lighter Colors
Cream, white and other lighter versions of colors such as blue and yellow are all popular style for granite countertops in the Ottawa area.  The lighter tone makes the kitchen open and inviting, no matter how small your kitchen.


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