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Polishing Ottawa Granite

Often after an installation of Ottawa granite we are asked: “Why does the polish on our edge detail appear some-what duller than the surface of their countertop?”

It’s a good question. While most homeowners expect the the edge polish finish of Ottawa Granite to match to that of the countertops, it is actually impossible to match it perfectly.

Ottawa granite and other natural stones are procured in blocks from the earth by quarriers. They are then cut into slabs using large gang saws. Next the Ottawa granite goes through a polishing process where they are loaded on to quite size-able polishing machines. These machines contain large diamond polishing pads, which move over the face of the stone and polish the entire slab.

TNT receives polished stone slabs from various suppliers, or direct from a quarrier. When fabrication time comes along,  pieces are cut to your specifications and then the edges are polished. Most reputable fabricators use straight-line polishing machines, cnc mills, and various hand tools to polish the edges of the stone. This equipment is typically much smaller in scale and contains smaller diamond pads, so the results will be different and the edge will never look exactly like the top.

Most consumers do not notice the difference however, as it is not typically prominent. The difference may be more noticeable in only few black, or darker colors, but there is no cause for alarm, and can add to the aesthetic appeal.

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