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Setting a Budget for Your Ottawa Kitchen Remodel

Often it’s not just kitchen countertops visitors to TNT’s showrooms serving Ottawa, West Ottawa, Carp, Kanata, Stittsville, West Carleton, Dunrobin, and Arnprior are looking for… it’s a complete kitchen remodel.  But how does an Ottawa homeowner redesign and remodel their kitchen without breaking the bank?  Step one is setting a budget.

What can you afford for your kitchen?  Here are some things you’ll need to consider for your Ottawa kitchen remodel:

What’s the scope?
Are you complete;y gutting your Ottawa kitchen or merely replacing Ottawa countertops and maybe cabinets? What about flooring?  Paint job? Consider not only the price but how much the remodel will contribute to the value of your home.

What are your priorities? 
What’s most critical?  Most often it is countertops.  If that is all you can afford for now with your Ottawa kitchen, phase your remodel starting with countertops and a sink.

Who will be your Ottawa kitchen remodel partner?
Find a contractor and supplier of materials you feel comfortable – shop around for a combination of the best price, availability and reputation.

What don’t you know?
During a kitchen remodel, the unexpected is sure to rear it’s ugly head.  You may find areas in your Ottawa kitchen needing repaired or you may need extra plumbing or electrical work done to make your remodel possible. You might decide part of the way through that you want to add a feature or change a color. Leave some cushion so your Ottawa kitchen is everything you’d hoped for.

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