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So How Long Will This Ottawa Kitchen Remodel Take?

You’ve decided to remodel your Ottawa kitchen. Not just replace the countertops, but a full-blow remodel.  We can help you get started with referrals or help complete your Ottawa countertop search with our showrooms serving Ottawa, West Ottawa, Carp, Kanata, Stittsville, West Carleton, Dunrobin, and Arnprior.

So how long does this take… remodeling your Ottawa kitchen? The short answer is a month or two. The more complicated answer regarding your Ottawa kitchen is… It depends on…

How Extensive is Your Remodel?
How much of your Ottawa kitchen are you remodeling?  Just replacing your Ottawa kitchen countertops may only take a few days. But if your entire Ottawa kitchen is going to be demolished and rebuilt, then the project may take a few months.

Are Cabinets Included?
Cabinets for your Ottawa kitchen are a time consuming install. Before you get to that, they mat need to be custom-made to fit your new kitchen. This takes time, but should not necessarily delay the installation of your Ottawa kitchen countertops.

How’s Your Plumbing?
Moving your sink or dishwasher in your Ottawa kitchen? That’s one more contractor. And one giant step trhat needs to be taken in between demolition and rebuild.  Make sure you have a plumber booked and ready to minimize this delay.

An Ottawa kitchen remodel can be a long process. TNT can help you plan the countertop part of it to minimize the time you cannot use your kitchen.

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