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Why Are Quartz Countertops in Ottawa Not Made of 100-Percent Quartz?

It’s worth noting that quartz countertops in Ottawa aren’t made entirely of natural quartz, despite the fact that this mineral is one of the most abundant on Earth. Unlike granite, pre-engineered quartz does not come in the form of stone slabs but in clusters. As such, it needs to undergo another process in the factory, where it will be mixed with a touch of manmade innovation: polymers. The result is what the industry calls “engineered stone.”
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A typical quartz engineered stone is a combination of 90 to 95 percent quartz (usually 93 percent), polymer resins, and other agents like pigments. The latter is particularly important, considering how much of the appeal of quartz relies on its aesthetic finish. The resulting color, pattern, and texture of the stone are what make this material a popular choice for kitchen countertops in Ottawa homes.

Production starts by mixing the main ingredients and sending them to a compacting chamber. In this chamber, the additives seep into the crushed quartz through the process of vibration. The mixture is compacted and shaped into slabs by a compressive force of at least 100 tons. Later, hot curing at a temperature of 85 degrees will help set the additives in to make the material less porous.

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With the resins filling the gaps in the countertops’ structure, water absorption is greatly reduced. Engineered stone can exhibit hydrophobic properties—a feature that’s similar to the ability of leaves to let a drop of water form on its surface. Thanks to this property, there’s a narrower window for the water to seep into the stone.

In addition, any spill on the quartz countertops in Ottawa can be cleaned easily. However, take note that while engineered stone is less porous, it’s not nonporous. Liquid stains on the countertop must be wiped as soon as possible, as there’s a greater chance that fluids will find their way into the countertop the longer they stay on the surface.

Engineered stones are likewise known to have built-in sealants in the form of resins that have been added during production, thereby eliminating the need for aftermarket sealing. Given all these benefits, it’s no surprise that there is a high demand for quartz countertops. The cost of these products varies according to factors like size and installation, so it’s best to ask a reputable manufacturer like TNT Tile and Marble for a quotation.

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